Love’s relationship with Liberty

Love requires:











I write about Deconstruction

A lot. Because I believe that it is necessary for individuals to deconstruct in order to grow.

Deconstruction in its simplest form means “to take something apart”.

A larger definition here from google,


. a method of critical analysis of philosophical and literary language that emphasizes the internal workings of language and conceptual systems, the relational quality of meaning, and the assumptions implicit in forms of expression.

When I began to take apart my thinking bit by bit it enabled me to grow into “newness of life”.

It allowed me to break chains of thought that oppressed me. Deconstruction gave me room to grow.

It gave me freedom to intentionally cast out fear and walk INTO love.

A new understanding of Love was introduced, and it demanded things of me.

If this perfect love was not present, the things it demanded of me would have been terrifying.

But perfect love drives out fear, does NOT punish, But rather gifts me something instead-

It gifted me courage.

Courage allows me to face questions I’ve never been free to pursue, which required me to take responsibility of my own learning, and thinking, and actions.

This was scary for me,

Who had been formerly oppressed and *told* what to believe how to believe, and even how to learn.

It was new territory.

In the age of the internet we are blessed to have tons of ways to teach ourselves new things! So be courageous in your search for the things you need for your regrowth!

When you find yourself in the stage of regrowth via Love, oftentimes it is overwhelming.

I’ve heard it described by many people as a torrent of new information, it’s happening at the speed of light, there is so much to seek and search and know, it’s endless and can be exhausting.

If this is speaking to you,

I encourage you to take heart, the overwhelming sense and exhaustion won’t last forever.

You will learn to steady yourself on this new bike,

And you will progress into moving mountains 😉

Love, liberation and equality ignites deep rooted change.

It is literally transforming.

You will hunger, and thirst like never before to transform yourself and encourage change in others.

We become intentionally involved with love and therefore others.

You will be intentional in casting aside fear, grasping hold of each other as equals to become allies, cheer leaders, teammates, to become SIBLINGS!

The growth is ongoing within your own heart, and you grow alongside your siblings, you are humbled by your own misgivings and humbled by others hardships.

You are empathetic because you feel Christ’s love for each other.

The desire to engage with each other in newer deeper ways is such a blessing. Compassion drives you to serve others, which breeds more fearlessness as you realize you are not alone!

You discover a new thirst for justice for those suffering, and you desire to come alongside them, sit with them, lay with them, suffer with them until they are uplifted and liberated!

Oppression causes righteous anger within our new love filled hearts, because oppression hinders liberation, it hinders LOVE.

This recognition will require self-control.

I recommend pouring yourself into the parts of love that will quench the harshness of anger and rather allow it to grow more compassion within you.

I am learning to focus my anger into fuel that I can use to create peace in new ways. This fuel can also help me recognize and meet needs around me!

Live within love in such a way that even those oppressing others can feel and experience the healing power Christ.

The anger and sorrow is where we really meet Christ.

As we follow Him into taking up our cross.

The cross to me became the burden of being awoken into love and SEEING what fear and oppression does to others. It breeds fear, division and hate.

That sight is my cross.

Take up the cross, and remember my brothers,

My sisters, that the oppressors, are also our equals, and they are also being oppressed by fear, hate, and evil.

I realize through love that I must repent of my pride and I must walk in such a way that makes healing possible for everyone. Love can be a beacon that shines a light upon injustice.

Love remains in humility, which demands that I recognize that I have also been complacent,

I have also given to the cause of the oppressor,

I have BEEN the oppressor.

Walk in the light of that humility.

And continue to grow in other aspects of love, be agents and ambassadors of change.

It is a new circulatory system so to speak.

It rejuvenates itself daily through the Holy Spirit, with the help of our siblings, and through our own intention.

We have great power…

do not squander it.

Regrow dear siblings through love.

Grow in ,











I pray for strength and Blessings upon you dear family

~Charissa Garver


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