Women; a call to arms 

“Happy is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill the promises he made to her.””Luke 1:45 CEB
About a year ago I was talking with some friends about women in leadership. 

It was then that I realized I didn’t know many women personally in leadership. 

And I longed to know some.

I realized that it would never be a normal thing unless women began to step up. 
It also became clear to me that stepping up isn’t enough, I tried many times in my younger years to be something more, 

To be a leader, and was often times shut down. 

Sometimes stepping up isn’t enough we have to charge in. 
God has charged women with some of the most radical beginnings, changes, courageous dealings and positions in the Bible. 

More than often it is vastly overlooked. 
It is time to stop overlooking the fearlessness women can possess, their vast capabilities in all things especially in leadership. 
Women lead their families everyday, 

Homemakers, female teachers, Sunday school teachers etc teach and guide children from the moment they are born, 

We teach the very future members of society everyday. 

But for some reason we are made to think less of ourselves at almost every turn. 

I believe that the ways in which women have been made to gravel over the years have made an especially resilient tribe; if you will. 

Women are often times praised for their beauty, and I believe this one thing is very true, 

The beauty of a woman’s strength, honor, dignity, and her ability to laugh in the face of fear, laugh at the dangers the future may hold, her ability to be constant no matter her affliction, it is indeed truly a thing of beauty. 
I write this in the realization that the time is now my sisters, 

It is time that we see in clarity that we ourselves must be the very ones to enter the chambers of the kings like Esther, 

Although uncalled upon, unwelcome, and unbidden- 

We must throw open doors and BE the change.  
The changes start inside us. None of the women I read about in scripture were ready for their leadership, but they were called to it, sometimes under much duress…

we are all called to it like 

Ruth, Sarah, Rebecca, Esther, Mary, Jael, Huldah, Hannah, on and on the women’s names can go.

I believe a very victorious spirit lies in us all, men and women. But women have been silenced, and have become a sleeping giant if you will, and we are trying to rise to the power we also hold claim to in the name of the Lord. 
We must rise to the occasion, and the occasion is now, answer the call, throw open doors, charge through, fight the battles with strength, dignity and honor, laugh in the face of fear of the future for we believe in the promises of God, just like Mary did while she carried Jesus in her womb. 

Realize your worth, claim it, own it, become a leader for future generations… they need you. We need each other. 
“Be strong and courageous for the Lord will be with you always ” Joshua 1:9 


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